PanelClaw Launches Sun Bear Solar Ground-Mount System


PanelClaw has released Sun Bear, a new penetrating ground-mount product designed for large-scale solar applications.

The product features simplified construction, including pre-assembled components, as well as in-field adjustability and a unique telescoping frame. The inclusion of only four major components and zero loose fasteners makes Sun Bear intuitive to assemble, PanelClaw says. This results in fast installation time and reduced construction risk and cost by eliminating the need to have a free hand to carry and move fasteners.

Sun Bear struts can be attached to any Sun Bear foundation type, allowing for a range of soil conditions without needing to change the above-the-ground racking design. Integrated turnbuckles allow installers to adjust the system directly in the field to accommodate uneven terrain, adapt to foundations and level the array for a smooth appearance.

Finally, the telescoping rafters of the Sun Bear frame slide out into a locked, squared position in-field, speeding up the installation process, the company adds.

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