Partnership Brings Solar Tracker To New Jersey


A new partnership between Neighborly Energy, a boutique solar integrator and renewable energy consulting company, and Vermont solar tracker manufacturer AllEarth Renewables will bring the AllSun Tracker solar electric system to homeowners and businesses throughout New Jersey.

AllEarth's AllSun Trackers use GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day to boost solar energy production by up to 45% over rooftop installations, according to AllEarth. The ground-mounted solar systems are designed for homes, businesses, nonprofits and commercial-scale installations.

‘New Jersey has one of the best production-based incentives in the country for solar PV,’ says Jonathan Lee, president of Neighborly Energy. ‘Historically, our company has operated through word-of-mouth, but we feel confident about actively promoting dual-axis tracking to anyone in New Jersey who is considering solar energy.’

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