Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces Turbopumps For Low-Vibration Applications


Pfeiffer Vacuum, a producer of vacuum products and services, has introduced the HiPace 300 Plus to its line of powerful HiPace turbopumps. The HiPace 300 Plus, with 260 liters per second of pumping, is designed specifically for extremely low-vibration applications. Due to the reduced vibration spectrum, this pump is ideal for use in analytical applications such as electron microscopy and high-end mass spectrometry, as well as many other vibration-sensitive processes.

According to the company, HiPace pumps are inexpensive to operate due to extended service intervals, and the improved rotor design gives both high pumping speeds and high gas throughputs, coupled with effective compression for light gases.
HiPace features integrated drive electronics designed to reduce the need for cumbersome and costly cabling. The use of innovative materials has doubled the service life of the drives, and the functional aluminum housing makes these pumps extremely lightweight for easier handling, the company says. Run-up time has also been reduced, so HiPace is operating at the desired vacuum level sooner.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.: (408) 956-2578

SOURCE: Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

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