Plasma Etch Releases Entry-Level Plasma Cleaner


Plasma Etch Inc. has released the PE-25-jw, an entry-level automated plasma cleaner. With a starting price of $6,900, the unit is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a single gas channel, with the option of a second.

The system has automatic process sequencing capabilities, and all timed events (e.g., pumpdown, plasma, gas stabilization and vent) can be easily programmed into the automatic sequence, the company says. The PLC keypad is used for operator entry, and one complete process recipe can be stored in memory for repeatable results. One-button operation starts the process sequence.

As in all Plasma Etch systems, direct RF contact (capacitive parallel plate) is used for uniform plasma generation. The unit has a 125 W, 50 KHz RF power supply with continuously variable power capability.

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