Precision Inc. Launches Magnetic Technologies For Microinverter Applications


Precision Inc., a designer and manufacturer of magnetic components and assemblies, has launched two new magnetic technologies designed to enhance efficiency in microinverter and central-inverter solar applications.

Precision says its expanded line of DC-DC High-Frequency Switching Inductors provides low core loss in point-of-power conversions for microinverters on solar panels. The technology's high-density construction features a flat-wire, edge-wound copper coil.

The bow-tie-shaped, three-pad inductors also feature closed magnetic construction. Available in a variety of standard and customized formats, the inductors can be used as a standard part drop-in replacement or as part of a custom technology solution.

The RoHS-compliant and halogen-free inductor comes in standard sizes ranging from 8.64 mm to 13.97 mm. The inductors offer saturation current from 15 to 100, and inductance ranges from 0.3 to 4.7 µHy.

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