PSE AG Releases Degratest Labtool Solar Cell Testing Equipment


Germany-based PSE AG has developed a new test stand called Degratest Labtool. This test stand determines the light-induced degradation (LID) effect of silicon solar cells.

The testing technology monitors and records degradation effects, and offers manufacturers and research institutions a fast and reliable tool for testing and developing solar cells, the company says.

Degratest Labtool comes with an electronically controlled metal halide lamp that produces artificial light close to the sun's spectrum. The heating of the test area is realized via a high-precision temperature controller and can be adjusted from 10 degrees C to 220 degrees C. To determine the LID effect, the test stand first generates a defined initial state of the cells to be tested (annealing). Testers use the graphical user interface to select radiation intensity and temperature.

The test stand records all important parameters, such as radiation, temperature, measured voltage and temperature-corrected voltage during the test and instantly creates a graph of the results, the company adds.

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