Renewable Energy Conference Scheduled For September


Universal Expo Group has relaunched its newly acquired Alternative Energy & Building Efficiency Conference & Exhibition.

Located in Hartford, Conn., at the Connecticut Convention Center on Sept. 19 and 20, Alternative Energy & Building Efficiency is designed to promote energy efficiency in buildings and the use of alternative energy technologies to augment the energy needs of residential homes, commercial buildings, campuses, industry and other settings.

According to the conference organizers, attendees are expected to include architects and engineers, local and state municipalities, builders and contractors, universities and colleges, healthcare facilities, resorts and hotels, industrial centers, homeowners and others.

Due to a strong crossover of attendee types, the conference is co-located with the new DefendUSA Conference & Exhibition, which addresses management, planning, preparedness and response to catastrophes, emergency situations, civil defense, corporate security, personal security and homeland defense.Â

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