Report: Solar Photovoltaic Installer Among The Best Jobs In Energy


Chemists, industrial engineers, wind turbine service technicians and solar photovoltaic installers are among some of the most promising career opportunities in the energy industry, according to CareerCast's 2013 jobs report on the energy sector. The energy industry is a universal employer, with career opportunities covering a very diverse spectrum, the report says.

There are many obvious job options in energy, ranging from petroleum engineers, derrick operators and oil rig workers in the oil and gas sector, to geoscientists at the major energy companies. However, the growth of renewable energy sources is a boon to energy employment. New types of jobs, such as wind turbine service technician and solar photovoltaic installer, offer growing opportunities, the report says.

‘Fulfilling the world's energy needs is a booming business,’ says Tony Lee, publisher, ‘Energy demand in China and India is swelling, and fledgling economies are showing an increased demand for electricity … which will create many new jobs in the industry.’'s most promising professions in the energy industry along with estimated median annual salary include the following:

  • Petroleum engineer, $130,280
  • Marketing manager, $119,480
  • Geoscientist, $90,890
  • Industrial engineer, $78,860
  • Chemist, $71,770
  • Commodities agent, $71,720
  • Refinery operator, $61,850
  • Wind turbine technician, $45,970
  • Solar PV installer, $37,900
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