Satcon Introduces 500 kW Equinox Inverter


Satcon Technology Corp. has released Equinox, a new 500 kW utility-scale solar PV inverter product. The system features a high level of system-wide intelligence, Edge multiple power-point tracking, performance optimization, industrial-grade engineering and an efficiency of 98.5%, Satcon says.

The Equinox solution comes complete with a NEMA 3R/IP54 enclosure and is available in three separate climate packages, enabling a wide thermal operating range, with fully rated performance at temperatures as high as 55 degrees C and as low as -20 degrees C.

Building upon Satcon's PowerGate inverter family, Equinox improves system-wide energy harvest and solar plant yield, according to the company. The product features enable remote control of real and reactive power, ride-through and power-factor control. Equinox provides for simplified grid interconnection and can be easily integrated into supervisory control and data acquisition systems through standardized communication interfaces, the company adds.

Satcon Technology Corp.: (888) 728-2664

SOURCE: Satcon Technology Corp.

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