SEPA Seeks To Prevent Acronym Confusion


The U.S.-based trade association Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) says it is ‘concerned’ about potential confusion resulting from China-based solar companies' recent decision to name their new anti-tariff group the Solar Energy Promotion Alliance (also SEPA).

‘Representatives of the Chinese solar industry have formed a new alliance and named it the Solar Energy Promotion Alliance in response to the U.S. preliminary ruling of levying anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic exporters,’ says Julia Hamm, president and CEO of the U.S.-based SEPA. ‘Unfortunately, the alliance is using the acronym SEPA, which is the acronym that we at the Solar Electric Power Association have been using since 2000.’

‘The mission of the Chinese alliance is unrelated to ours, and it is critically important that we avoid confusion in the global energy industry resulting from this choice of name and acronym,’ Hamm adds.

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