Shipments For PV Equipment Were Up 44% In 2009


Despite stagnant sales at the beginning of 2009, shipments of photovoltaic technologies grew 44% in 2009 to 7.9 GW, according to the Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipments, Capacity & Competitive Analysis 2009/2010 report recently released by Navigant Consulting Inc.

‘2009 was a challenging year for manufacturers, with low sales until the middle of Q2, followed by strong demand, crashing prices and low revenues,’ says Paula Mints, a director at Navigant Consulting and principal analyst for its PV services program. ‘As a result, most manufacturers struggled.’

Prices fell anywhere from 23% to 33%, and technology revenues for 2009 down by 16% to $16.8 billion – from $20 billion in 2008. ‘2010 is looking better in terms of pricing, with wafer and cell prices increasing, easing margin pressure for manufacturers,’ Mints adds.

The full report includes five- and 10-year analyses of capacity and shipments, analysis of 25 years of pricing data and trends, and forecasts of shipments by technology and technology revenues.

The report can be purchased in its complete form through Navigant Consulting.

SOURCE: Navigant Consulting Inc.

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