Silfab Receives Ontario Local-Content Certification


Local Content Assurance Bureau Inc. (LCAB) has completed an independent review of Silfab Ontario's manufacturing facilities and products and has issued a CORE certification to Silfab.

According to LCAB and Silfab, the certificate indicates that Silfab-produced solar photovoltaic modules at its Mississauga plant are in accordance with Ontario's domestic-content requirements.

LCAB's Contributor to Ontario Renewable Energy Program (CORE Program) is an industry-led, voluntary certification process developed to help Ontario manufacturers, suppliers, professional services firms, and individuals meet domestic-content requirements set out by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in the OPA's feed-in-tariff program.

This CORE certification required a detailed on-site review of Silfab's production facilities in order to verify a wide variety of aspects of Silfab's production practices, capacity, documentation and techniques, LCAB notes.

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