Skyline Solar Installs HGS System For California Town


Skyline Solar, a manufacturer of high-gain solar (HGS) arrays for the commercial, industrial, government and utility markets, has completed the first commercial installation of its HGS 1000 system in a new municipal solar power plant in the small desert town of Nipton, Calif.

The 80 kW Nipton plant is an upgradeable solar power system that will provide roughly 85% of Nipton's electricity needs – the highest percentage of solar electricity of any town in the U.S., according to Skyline Solar.

The HGS 1000 system utilizes tracking, cooling and concentration components, reducing the amount of silicon needed by 90% compared to traditional systems, Skyline Solar says. The power-producing components of the system are upgradeable, allowing system owners to future-proof their investment and upgrade with new solar panel technologies.

SOURCE: Skyline Solar

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