SMA Releases Smartformer For Sunny Island Systems


SMA has introduced the Smartformer, a transformer and distribution box that is compatible with the company's Sunny Island inverters. Available in the North American market, the UL-certified Smartformer is designed to facilitate easy application for off-grid or grid-tied battery systems.

The product can be utilized for systems using Sunny Boy inverters up to 6,000 W and employs a highly efficient toroidal 120/240 V autoformer to provide 240 V AC distribution for single Sunny Island systems, SMA says.

‘The step-up and step-down options that the Smartformer provides for single Sunny Island systems increases design flexibility for off-grid or grid-tied battery backup systems,’ says Jurgen Krehnke, president and general manager of SMA America and president of SMA Canada.

‘This solution is unique because it includes a bypass switch and a load shedding relay for battery discharge protection, which distinguishes the Smartformer from other autoformers by offering unmatched safety and versatility,’ he adds.

The bypass switch bridges the system to allow for easy, safe maintenance and direct grid operation without disrupting power to backed-up loads, according to SMA. The load shedding relay offers protection against deep discharge of a system's batteries to minimize power disruption and extend battery life.

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