Solar Photovoltaic Plans In New York City


New York City is planning to issue a request for proposals (RFP) to develop solar systems on the roofs of 11 city-owned buildings, including five schools and a community college.

As part of the RFP, developers will install, own and maintain the photovoltaic systems and charge the city under the terms of 20-year power purchase agreements. The total installation is expected to reach 2 MW – currently, New York's total solar electric capacity measures 2 MW.

Elsewhere in the city, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced plans to install solar panels at several of its bus depots, warehouses and other facilities. The New York Times reports that the solar power will cost the MTA double what it currently spends on electricity from Consolidated Edison. But MTA officials were quoted by the Times as saying the cost of solar power would remain steady while other energy costs increase over the coming years.

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