Solzar Introduces Off-Grid Solar Products


Solzar, a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems, has broadened its solar power systems product line to include the Solar-Max outdoor solar power system and MSolar portable solar power system.

For use in areas where the electricity grid is unavailable, the Solar-Max off-grid solution enables solar panels to provide power during the day and batteries to power the system at night. MSolar comes conveniently packaged in a briefcase with solar panels, electronic accessories and batteries. MSolar can be used for a variety of applications, such as communication power backup, emergency power relief and temporary lighting systems.

In addition, Solzar has selected Allegro-Intandem as its contract manufacturing facility to meet product demand and provide system integration, materials sourcing and other support services.

Solzar: (888) 476-5927

SOURCE: Solzar

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