Sullivan Solar Launches New Incentive Program


San Diego-based solar integrator Sullivan Solar has launched the San Diego Solar Program, which the company hopes will create the U.S.' largest collective deployment of solar energy.

According to Sullivan Solar, the program provides participants with cash payments at a level greater than incentives that are provided by the State of California. It is modeled similarly to the state program, in that the early adopters will receive the highest incentives.

The average San Diego County homeowner who participates in the first phase of the program will receive a check for $2,500, Sullivan Solar says. Incentive amounts will be reduced as more people sign up, until the program closes on Dec. 31, 2012. The countywide solar program is limited to 500 residences.

The city of San Diego was recently named the No. 1 solar city in the state for the second time in a row – for both number of solar rooftops and total capacity installed, Sullivan Solar adds.

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