SunLink Notes Mounting System’s UL Certification


SunLink Corp. says its complete line of roof- and ground-mount solar racking systems has now been certified by ETL as conforming to the integrated grounding and bonding requirements of UL Subject 2703.

According to the company, this full-system certification means SunLink's products require fewer grounding lugs than other mounting systems – one grounding lug per continuous section of the solar array.

‘Unlike many manufacturers that only test the means of attachment to the module frame, we've tested every connection point in our racking, from the module frame through the rails to the posts in the ground or the feet on the roof,’ says SunLink CEO Chris Tilley. ‘As far as we know, we're the first racking manufacturer to receive UL 2703 certification not just for certain elements, but for every component of every product we sell.’

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