SunPods Introduces PV Array System For Landfill Installations


SunPods Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based manufacturer of modular, fully integrated solar power generation systems, has released what the company says is the industry's first solar PV array system designed specifically for landfills.

The product, called SOILS (Solar Operational Integrated Landfill Systems), is designed for installation at locations where there is a need to minimize disturbance of the soil and where the landscape may change significantly due to settling conditions.

SunPods' SOILS is based on the SunPods SP-100 modular solar array. The SP-100 is assembled at the factory and delivered fully operational to the landfill. It is non-invasive and self-ballasted, and it sits on adjustable legs on the surface of the landfill. There are no piers, footings or poles to be constructed on the site that could damage the landfill cap, the company notes. In addition, the legs of SP-100 are adjustable, so the units can be periodically leveled to accommodate ground settling.

The system can be configured for systems ranging from 2.5 kW installations to utility-scale farms.

SunPods Inc.: (408) 689-2446

SOURCE: SunPods Inc.

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