SVTC Solar Establishes Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center


SVTC Solar, a business unit of SVTC Technologies, has established the Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center, which will provide development equipment, support solutions and engineering services required to create and commercialize solar energy products.

The center will provide shared access to PV equipment and services, spanning the development and manufacture of solar cells and solar panels, as well as reliability, testing and certification services. It will allow solar manufacturers to develop, test and certify their solar products and begin pilot production, while lowering customers' development costs and accelerating time to market and time to revenue.

As part of this initiative, SVTC Technologies has signed a collaboration agreement with solar equipment manufacturer Roth & Rau AG, which will provide a complete silicon wafer solar cell development and manufacturing line for the new center.

Also, JA Solar – a China-based manufacturer of silicon-wafer solar cells – has signed on as a customer for the center. JA Solar will use the center to develop new products for the solar market.

SOURCE: SVTC Technologies

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