TTi Unveils Flat Jack Comp Shingle Mount For Residential PV


TTi, a solar mounting and racking products provider, has introduced a new version of its residential solar roof mount, the patented TTi Flat Jack Comp Shingle Mount. The TTi Flat Jack now requires no shingle trimming or sealants, thus reducing labor costs and protecting roofs, according to the company.

‘We took our installers' feedback and designed the new Flat Jack Comp Shingle Mount with a larger flashing that requires no shingle trimming or sealants, allowing for a faster install and assurance that the mount is 100 percent watertight,’ notes Denise Thompson, general manager at TTi.

Made of galvanized steel and with three primary components, the TTi Flat Jack anchors to the roof's rafters, providing a solid foundation and converting a shingle roof into a solar platform, TTi says. The system is designed to to withstand heavy vertical loads and high winds. It is compatible with all standard PV rail systems and can support other roof installations, including HVAC equipment, antennas, solar thermal projects or flagpoles.

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