Uni-Solar Develops Higher-Output PV Products


United Solar, the manufacturer of Uni-Solar flexible solar products, has introduced the PowerBond ePVL and PowerBond Dual ePVL products.

The PowerBond ePVL 144/136/68 Wp product features improved durability and lower installation costs – combined with an increase in energy density of over 14% as compared to the Uni-Solar standard PVL product.

The PowerBond ePVL 160/151/80/75 Wp product features the original triple-junction amorphous silicon technology with a new reflective back layer. It offers a 19% increase in power output compared to the standard UNI-SOLAR PVL product and will be available in July, the company says.

The PowerBond Dual ePVL product features a power rating of 320 Wp. It consists of 44 Uni-Solar cells, featuring the new reflective back layer, as compared to the traditional PowerBond ePVL model with 22 cells (22L). This new product has a single connector for a reduction in building materials, increased roof density, and a reduction in both installation and balance-of-system costs, the company adds. It will be available in January 2013.

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