Vermont City Proposes 150 kW Solar Farm


Rutland, Vt., Mayor Christopher Louras has announced a proposal developed by AllEarth Renewables, a Williston, Vt.-based solar manufacturer, for a 150 kW solar farm located in the city.

Under the project proposal, the City of Rutland will both receive the solar energy and receive a 5% savings – approximately $2,050 annually – on its electric bill for the power the installation produces, according to AllEarth Renewables.

The proposed farm will produce an average 205,000 kWh per year using the Vermont-made AllSun Tracker and is expected to produce enough energy to supply City Hall, the city's Jeffords Amtrak Station, and a portion of the Giorgetti Arena. The 26 solar trackers would use approximately 1.5 acres.

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