Vishay Intertechnology Releases New Aluminum Capacitors


Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched a new series of snap-in power aluminum capacitors with a rated voltage of 500 V at 50 degrees C and a category voltage of 450 V at 105 degrees C.

Targeted for solar applications, where the highest voltage is present under no-load conditions, the 193 PUR-SI Solar devices also feature a long useful life and rated ripple current up to 2.52 A at 105 degrees C and 100 Hz, the company says.

The capacitors feature a cylindrical aluminum case with a pressure-relief valve, insulated with a blue sleeve. They are available in five case sizes, ranging from 35 mm by 30 mm to 35 mm by 60 mm. At 500 V, the devices feature a maximum operating temperature to 50 degrees C and useful life of 5,000 hours (no ripple current applied). At 450 V, the maximum temperature can be extended to 105 degrees C, and the useful life is 6,000 hours.

As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, the 193 PUR-SI Solar devices are ideally suited for smoothing and filtering, as well as storing energy, in pulsed power applications, Vishay Intertechnology adds.

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