eIQ Energy Adds 600 W vBoost DC Parallel System

Posted by SI Staff on March 13, 2012 No Comments
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eIQ Energy Inc. has introduced the vBoost 600 DC-to-DC converter module, a higher-capacity addition to its vBoost DC Parallel System product line.

The new vBoost 600 modules boost the output of solar panels to a predictable, constant voltage while providing up to 600 W of power capacity – enough to handle two crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels or multiple thin-film panels, according to the company. The new modules use fewer components and provide more efficient power conversion than eIQ Energy's previous 250 W and 350 W modules.

The vBoost DC Parallel System – which includes vBoost converter modules, vComm communication modules and Web-based monitoring software – enables solar panels to be wired in parallel rather than in series.

According to eIQ Energy, up-front costs are lower for a Parallel Solar installation than for a conventional installation, because cable and combiner box requirements are cut by more than an order of magnitude. The vBoost converters also provide distributed maximum power point tracking.

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