New Hampshire Senate Approves Bill To Raise Net-Metering Cap

Posted by Joseph Bebon on February 09, 2016 2 Comments
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On Feb. 4, the New Hampshire Senate passed S.B.333, a bill to increase the net-metering cap in the state. The legislation now goes to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

As Solar Industry reported in January, Concord, N.H.-based SunRay Solar said it had to lay off employees due to the state’s current 50 MW net-metering cap. The solar installer made the decision after Eversource, New Hampshire’s largest energy provider, announced that it hit its allotted limit (36 MW) on Jan. 20.

S.B.333 would raise the state’s cap 25 MW to 75 MW and direct the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to develop a net-metering tariff for all generation above the 75 MW limit.

In a press release, bill sponsor Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, says the Senate vote “addresses the growing market for the sale of renewable energy generated by private citizens or business by increasing the amount of surplus energy they are able to sell to utility companies at retail prices.

“While this legislation increases the cap, it also serves to protect customers who are not taking advantage of residential solar, which is subsidized through higher electric rates for other customers,” adds Bradley. “By limiting the amount of energy that can be sold through net metering, and requesting the PUC to develop a rate for all net metering above that cap, we limit the cost shifted to other customers while allowing solar projects to continue to grow in New Hampshire.”

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  1. I hope the Governor signs the bill fast before the Evil Empire, Eversource has a chance to get another piece out of the NH consumers wallet. Eversource is all for people going Green and embracing solar, as long as they get their lion’s share to throw at the feet of Emperor Thomas May.

    Remember the words “Stranded Cost” and “Tom May, CEO of Eversource makes Millions” both are being paid off your electric bill.

    America isn’t run by a President, its run by the (Emperor’s) CEO’s of Industry. Guess who appoints CEO’s …. CEO’s appoint CEO’s

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