Chroma To Build Solar Inverter Testers For PowerOne


Chroma System Solutions Inc. has entered into a contract with PV inverter provider PowerOne to supply 26 of its C8000 test systems, PowerPro test software and fixtures related to automate the final testing of PowerOne's isolated and non-isolated inverters.

Chroma's C8000 test systems, software and fixtures will provide PowerOne calibration and final testing for all production units – potentially to UL1741 standards. Power levels for the inverters will range from 3 kW to 12 kW, with single-phase, three-phase and split-phase connections.

Tests provided by the systems will include EEPROM read/write, calibration, input voltage start (CH1), input voltage start (CH2), input current (CH1), input current (CH2), temperature check, connection time, re-connection time, non-grid protection, under-voltage protection, fan test, clock check, ground fault check, grid connection, energy verification, input over-range and efficiency.

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