Clenergy Moves European Headquarters From Frankfurt To Cologne


Clenergy, a provider of PV mounting systems and other products, has opened a new European headquarters office in Cologne, Germany. The company's European headquarters was previously located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Clenergy, which is based in Xiamen, China, and Melbourne, Australia, says it has been increasingly focusing on the European market since mid-2010. The move from Frankfurt to Cologne is intended to facilitate both the optimization of the company's overall logistics and its expansive human resources planning on a long-term basis.

The Cologne office will also be used for the establishment and development of
a sales team for the German market and gives Clenergy the opportunity to additionally relocate its central European warehouse, which was previously based in Southern Germany, so that it is close to the European headquarters.

The address of the new office is Sophienstrasse 1, 51149 Koln, Germany.

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