Climate First Bank Reduces Solar Loan Rates 


Climate First Bank has re-envisioned its Residential Solar Loan product to feature a new 30-year term with decreased rates than previously offered. 

The bank says it hasn’t charged dealer fees since the loan program’s inception, nor does it charge a prepayment penalty. It adds that last year, the bank financed $35 million in solar loans for businesses and $83 million in the same for individuals.

“We believe in financing for good and doing our part in protecting the irreplaceable ecosystem we live in. We do that by providing specialized loan options for sustainable initiatives like rooftop solar, regenerative building retrofits, EV charging and more,” says Ken LaRoe, Climate First Bank’s CEO and founder. “With the new and improved Residential Solar Loan, we ensure the lowest monthly payment for clients, making this lifestyle change more obtainable.”

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