DOE Awards $13 Million To Spur U.S. Solar Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded over $13 million for five projects in an effort to develop domestic photovoltaic and concentrating solar power (CSP) manufacturing and commercialization efforts. Private sources are providing about $14 million in cost share funds to at least match the DOE awards for each individual project.

Part of the DOE's SunShot Initiative, the awards include the following:

  • Abengoa Solar is receiving $1,943,463 – plus $1,943,463 cost share – for demonstrating new manufacturing and assembly technologies for use in CSP parabolic trough systems.
  • PPG Industries Inc., in partnership with Flextronics International, is receiving $2,148,729 – plus $2,148,733 cost share – to design and pilot a rapid PV module assembly process that replaces labor-intensive steps with automation.
  • Solaria Corp. is receiving $2,007,474 – plus $3,011,211 cost share – to cut costs for its low-concentration silicon PV modules by automating manufacturing process steps.
  • SolarWorld Industries America Inc. is receiving $2,438,126 – plus $2,461,316 cost share – to incorporate an advanced light management system into its PV modules.
  • Suniva Inc., in partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology, is receiving $4,499,678 – plus $4,918,986 cost share – to deploy a low-cost, high-efficiency silicon PV cell technology into the marketplace within three years.

The DOE says the awards will help industry partners meet the SunShot Initiative's goal to make solar energy cost-competitive with traditional energy sources by the end of the decade. More information about the awards can be found by clicking here.


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