EE North America, Elio Energy Partner on 2 GW of Solar Development


EE North America, a renewable energy developer, has partnered with Elio Energy to develop a pipeline of 2 GW of solar power generation and energy storage in Arizona and surrounding states, with projects expected to start construction gradually between 2023-2025.

“Our partnership with Elio Energy is another step forward in EE North America’s growth story. This portfolio will provide the clean energy that customers demand while also making a significant contribution to meeting net-zero goals in the region,” says Lorena Ciciriello, CEO of EE North America. “We look forward to working with Elio Energy on this major investment in the future of energy in region.”

“The partnership with European Energy will accelerate the development of large-scale solar and storage projects in Arizona and surrounding states by providing the requisite financial security while supporting the renewable procurement goals of the IOUs and cooperatives,” comments Daven Mehta, CEO of Elio. “We have a large pre-development pipeline and are well on the way towards our mutual goals in support of European Energy.”

“In addition to our expertise in renewable energy, EE North America offers a range of commercially mature and financially viable energy solutions that can help address sectors of the economy that are difficult to decarbonize, including transportation, shipping, and industry. We will continue to seek out world-class partners like Elio Energy to help advance the transition to clean energy in the United States while also creating jobs and delivering economic benefits to local communities,” adds Ciciriello.

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