Emmvee Building New Solar Cell Production Line


Emmvee Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of PV modules, has appointed the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (ISE) as solar technology partner for its upcoming solar cell manufacturing facility near Bangalore, India.

The collaboration aims to set up a 1.5 GW monocrystalline PERC solar cell production facility, with an upgrade to TOPCon solar cells in the future.

Emmvee has a current PV module production capacity of 1.25 GW. The company aims to expand its module manufacturing capacity to 5 GW and to build a solar cell manufacturing capacity of 1.5 GW by 2024. Fraunhofer ISE will help Emmvee by providing technical and scientific support in the equipment selection for the new mono PERC cell production line. The company will also support the ramp-up and provide end-to-end training to Emmvee personnel on crystalline silicon PV cell manufacturing.

The project timeline spans the next three years.

“The project stages include the technical evaluation of process equipment and consumables, training of employees in cell production, ramping up and optimization of production lines as well as a TOPCon upgrade with cell line optimization,” says Dr. Jochen Rentsch, department head of production technologies – surfaces and interfaces at Fraunhofer ISE. “We will also help to optimize the efficiency, yield and uptime of the production line.”

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