Enphase Now Shipping Latest Micro-Inverter To Solar Distributors


Solar micro-inverter company Enphase Energy Inc. has begun shipping its Enphase IQ 7X micro-inverters to solar distributors in the U.S.

According to the company, the Enphase IQ 7X Micro is the highest-power and highest-efficiency variant of the seventh-generation IQ family of micro-inverters.

The IQ 7X offers 97.5% CEC efficiency and supports 96-cell PV modules up to 400 W, with peak AC output power of 320 W and a maximum power point (MPP) tracking range of 53-64 V.

The product leverages Enphase’s 55-nm custom ASIC for higher reliability and better economies of scale, the company notes. The IQ 7X also integrates into the Enphase Home Energy Solution with IQ and allows energy monitoring and insights from the Enphase Enlighten software platform’s interface. Solar installers will benefit from the same fast and easy installation with the existing suite of IQ products: the lighter two-wire Enphase Q Cable and the Enphase IQ Combiner+ with pre-installed Enphase IQ Envoy, says Enphase.

“The arrival of the Enphase IQ 7X Micros at our warehouses and on customer roofs completes a strategic element of our portfolio of Enphase products,” notes Brandon Rickett, solar manager of IES Texas Solar, an Enphase installer. “Our customers benefit from the combination of high-efficiency, 96-cell modules from companies like Panasonic with IQ 7X microinverters, and our bottom line benefits from the ease of installation and monitoring capabilities, which led us to choose the Enphase platform in the first place.”

The Enphase IQ 7X Micro is also ideal for integration into AC modules (ACMs), says Enphase. In February, Enphase announced the co-development of high-efficiency ACMs with Panasonic’s N Series HIT (N325/N330) PV modules.

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