Israeli Cabinet Approves Streamlined Plans For Solar Plant Construction


Israel's government cabinet has approved a plan that is designed to speed and simplify the processes under which solar power installations are approved and constructed in the country. The goal of the plan is to have 10% of Israel's electricity generated by renewable sources by 2010.

According to the plan, permits will be issued for photovoltaic units on roofs and sides of designated structures. The framework also allows for the preparation of detailed plans for the construction of photovoltaic units on areas of up to 750 dunams in size.Â

In the Be'er Sheva district, near the Gaza Strip and on the Golan Heights, photovoltaic power stations may also be built on agricultural lands, while maintaining historical and archaeological sites, scenic vistas and open-space contiguity, the cabinet says. The plan will be valid for five years from the date of its approval.

SOURCE: Office Of The Israeli Prime Minister

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