JETprotect Introduces Virtual Fence Radar For Solar Projects

JETprotect, a provider of surveillance equipment and analytics, has released Virtual Fence Radar for solar energy projects.

The remote detection system provides a virtual fence and ‘umbrella’ of protection encompassing up to nine square miles. The system replaces the need for multiple perimeter cameras and security guards watching monitors or walking perimeters, the company says.

‘To date, the art of protecting solar farms containedĂ‚ within vast land areas in remote locations has been via the installation ofĂ‚ perimeter fencing, multiple perimeter cameras, and security personnel watching monitors and walking the perimeter fencing,’ says Gregory Johnston, chief technology officer of JETprotect. ‘Relying on human beings and visible weather conditions are not sufficient solutions to fully protect solar farm projects from vandalism, theft or terrorism in today's environment.’

SOURCE: JETprotect


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