Littelfuse Offering Two New Photovoltaic Fuses


Littelfuse Inc., a provider of circuit-protection products, has debuted two new fuses designed for the protection of solar installations.

The new SPFJ 70-100 amp fuses complete the SPFJ series of 1,000 VDC fuses approved to the new UL Photovoltaic fuse standard – UL2579. The fuses are in a standard 200 A Class J form factor and meet the electrical tests for the new IEC photovoltaic fuse standard 60269-6, according to the company.

The SPFJ 70-450 amp fuses are designed for global applications to provide protection in array combiners and inverters in photovoltaic and concentrated photovoltaic systems up to 1,000 V.

The fuses are smaller and more energy efficient than similar alternatives currently in the market, and are designed for a variety of holders including stud-to-stud, fuse clip-to-box lug, and a soon-to-be-released fuse clip-to-stud holder for easy replacement, Littelfuse adds.

The company has also released a new patent-pending SPFI in-line fuse for string protection. The SPFI fuse is a 3.5 A fuse designed for integration into solar cables for protection of solar strings connecting combiner boxes and panels. The SPFI is listed to UL2579 and meets the electrical performance requirements of IEC 60269-6.

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