National Semiconductor Shipping SolarMagic Power Optimizers


National Semiconductor Corp. says it is now shipping its SolarMagic power optimizers, a new product designed to improve the performance of solar photovoltaic systems impaired by real-world conditions. SolarMagic power optimizers are available now to customers in Europe and North America.

Built upon National's analog power management circuits, SolarMagic power optimizers give back to PV system owners much of the power they currently lose to real-world conditions including partial shade, panel aging and irregular array designs, the company says. Field testing has shown that SolarMagic recoups up to 57% of power losses.

For installers, SolarMagic technology also provides greater flexibility in PV array design, improved reliability of the entire PV system, a high-value retrofit option for the existing installed base and more potential business (with solar-suitable site growth of up to 25%), National Semiconductor adds.

SOURCE: National Semiconductor

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