Northfield Automation, Solarcoating Partner For PV Manufacturing Services

Automation experts Northfield Automation Systems Inc. and Germany-based Solarcoating Machinery GmbH have formed a global strategic partnership to benefit the emerging photovoltaic industry for solar-cell energy applications.

Northfield Automation brings to the industry a full range of custom machinery for roll-to-roll processing of precision thin-material applications, such as solar cells. Solarcoating Machinery offers equipment needed to make solar cells and assemble finished PV modules.

‘We are each highly experienced in our corners of the world and plan to support and learn from each other,’ states Brett Reese, president and CEO of Northfield Automation Systems.

Solarcoating Machinery's managing director, Thomas Kolbusch, adds, ‘Establishing a partnership for automation products and services in the U.S. was our next logical step.’

SOURCES: Solarcoating Machinery; Northfield Automation Systems


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