Philadelphia Reopens Solarize Philly Program


The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) has reopened Solarize Philly, a program to help all Philadelphians go solar. 

Solarize Philly is the nation’s largest program of its kind, with 654 homeowners participating  since 2017. Participants benefit from group-buying discounts and consumer protections. Installers are providing free remote solar assessments – on-site visits and installations will resume in line with state guidance on construction.

“Now more than ever, it’s clear that our health is impacted by our behavior and our environment,” says Jim Kenney, mayor of Philadelphia. 

“Going solar is one way that you can take action to support the health of the Philadelphia community for the long run,” he adds.

PEA’s Solar Savings Grant Program provides grants plus financing to low- and moderate-income households to go solar at no upfront cost, with utility bill savings from Year 1. Grants cover up to half the cost of the project.

Philly’s solar market is augmented by measures adopted by City Council in 2019, including the new Philadelphia Solar Rebate. Solar projects in Philadelphia are eligible for a one-time incentive, with the average homeowner receiving approximately $1,000. 

The rebate provides 10 cents/watt to commercial and 20 cents/watt to residential projects. Projects installed after July 1, 2019, may apply. PEA administers the rebate on behalf of the city’s Office of Sustainability.

Homeowners and businesses can sign up for a free solar assessment of their property, here

Photo: PEA’s landing page

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