Schneider Electric Offers Solar Irradiance Forecasts


Schneider Electric has updated its suite of weather forecasting services to include site-specific solar power forecasts. The company says its Schneider Electric Solar Forecasts cover the needs of both solar photovoltaic as well as concentrated solar power systems on a worldwide basis.

Weather model-based forecasts are updated every six hours and are intended to meet next-day and intra-day requirements, including hourly granularity seven days into the future. Scneider Electric says the service uses radiative transfer modeling and satellite imaging in addition to numerical weather prediction model data to improve accuracy. High-resolution modeling helps account for surrounding terrain and other local characteristics.

In terms of solar irradiance measurement, the service forecasts global horizontal irradiance, direct normal irradiance and diffused global irradiance.

Schneider Electric says its updated features support all types of solar and solar power forecast requirements and employ machine learning techniques that apply historical data. As the system learns more about the unique location and patterns of a solar operation, accuracy is improved.

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