SMA America Introduces Sunny Central String-Monitor-US

SMA America has debuted the Sunny Central String-Monitor-US, which is designed to detect power deviations by measuring and comparing individual string currents. These interruptions can then be corrected by system owners immediately, reducing the duration of suboptimal system performance and maintaining maximum energy yields for the greatest return on investment, the company says.

The Sunny Central String-Monitor-US continuously monitors the strings and transmits fault data to the SMA Sunny WebBox. The SMA Sunny Portal then sends an e-mail alert to the system owner for immediate attention, SMA America explains.

The monitoring solution is available in three models: the Sunny Central String-Monitor-US 24, 32 and 64. The model numbers indicate the total number of strings each unit monitors. The devices can be combined in multiple configurations based on the number of strings in the array.



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