SMA Releases New Transformerless Inverter For Residential Solar Market


SMA is now taking orders for its new SMA's Sunny Boy 3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US transformerless inverters, which the company says are designed specifically for the North American residential solar market.

The transformerless design of the new Sunny Boy increases efficiency and reduces weight, and a simplified DC wiring concept allows the DC disconnect to be used as a wire raceway, saving labor and material, according to SMA. It is tested to UL 1741 and 1699B standards and has integrated AFCI, meeting NEC 2011 690.11 arc-fault requirements.

The inverter also offers Secure Power Supply functionality, which makes it possible for the product to provide up to 1,500 W of daytime standby power in the event of a grid outage, SMA adds.

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