Solar Developer Belectric Acquires Konarka’s German Subsidiary


PV systems integrator Belectric has acquired Konarka Technologies GmbH, the German subsidiary of U.S.-based Konarka Technologies Inc. Konarka, a manufacturer of organic PV (OPV) products, filed for bankruptcy in June.

Belectric says it will add Konarka GmbH's operations to its organization through the formation of Belectric OPV GmbH. Konarka's former executives will work on research, development and production of the technology, as well as international distribution of printed photovoltaic cells.

‘We will use Power Plastic wherever conventional modules aren't a suitable solution,’ says Michael Belschak, chief financial officer of Belectric Holding GmbH. ‘Particularly in facade construction and in the automotive sector, the highly flexible and pliable material can be used in a variety of ways to save energy cost-effectively.’

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