Swiss Technology Fund Awards WinJi a Loan Guarantee


WinJi, a Swiss start-up that developed the True Power renewable energy asset management platform, has been awarded a $2 million loan guarantee by the Swiss Technology Fund

This loan guarantee will facilitate WinJi’s upcoming debt-raising, with a view to accelerate the company’s growth and finance further platform developments.

Technology Fund successfully approved WinJi’s technology and business model as innovative, energy efficient and competitive in an in-depth due diligence. The purpose of the Technology Fund guarantee is to bridge the gap between equity financing during the start-up phase and regular corporate loans for established businesses. It exclusively caters to innovative Swiss-based cleantech start-ups and SME that are already generating revenue and can show a reliable sales pipeline. By significantly reducing lender’s risk, the loan guarantee will enable WinJi to access favourable borrowing terms. 

Established in 2016, WinJi has developed an intelligent online asset management solution to optimize production and operate renewable energy portfolios more efficiently. The cloud based True Power Platform solution is fully scalable and incorporates patent-filed anomaly detection methods.

This intelligent platform can help renewable asset owners, asset managers and operators increase asset production by up to 5% and increase the internal rate of return (IRR) of wind and solar projects by up to 50%. It also allows asset managers and owners to get a holistic understanding of existing underperformance and benchmarking to comparable assets outside their portfolio. The True Power platform enables even non-experts to ask the right questions at a commercial and technical level and to make the right decisions.

“Optimizing the operation of wind and solar assets increases the renewable energy production,” says Simone Riedel Riley, general manager of the Technology Fund.

“As a result, financial performance for the asset owner is improved and CO2 emissions in the energy sector are reduced. We are therefore pleased to support WinJi with a loan guarantee to finance the further development and marketing of its innovative TruePower software,” adds Riley.

The company analyzed around 2 GW of wind and solar assets on three continents and identified an average underperformance of 10%. It also recommended and implemented performance improvement measures that led to an increase in revenues of up to four times greater than its service fees.

Photo: WinJi’s True Power Platform web page

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