Trojan Battery Unveils New Line Of Cycling AGM Batteries

Trojan Battery Co. has introduced its new cycling absorbed glass mat (AGM) line of sealed absorbed batteries, featuring improved cycling power in heavy-duty and deep-discharge applications.

The cycling AGM products require no watering and are completely maintenance-free for maximum convenience, the company says. In addition, their sealed, non-spillable construction is UN2800 certified, allowing for flexibility in transportation by air, sea and ground.

The batteries also feature rugged construction for improved vibration resistance over conventional lead-acid batteries, superior recharge efficiency, a durable polypropylene case protecting against damage in heavy-service applications, removable carrying handles for easy lifting and installation, and a flame-arrestor pressure vent for overall safety, Trojan Battery adds.

The line will include the 24-AGM, 27-AGM, 31-AGM and OverDrive AGM 31 batteries.

Trojan Battery Co.: (562) 236-3038

SOURCE: Trojan Battery Co.


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