Vermont Hard Cider Co. Adds 150 kW ‘Solar Orchard’


Vermont Hard Cider Co. LLC, maker of the Woodchuck Hard Cider brand, is planning to build ‘a solar orchard’ in nearby Bridport, Vt.

The 150 kW project will produce approximately 210,000 kWh of electricity annually for the Woodchuck cidery. The project will cover approximately 10% to 15% of the company's current electric demand.

The 1.5 acre solar orchard consists of 26 pole-mounted dual-axis AllSun Trackers, which use GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day. The solar trackers are manufactured locally by AllEarth Renewables, based in Williston, Vt. According to AllEarth Renewables, the solar tracker system boosts the panel's energy production by up to 45% over rooftop installations.

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