1.1 MW Solar Project Now Online In Pennsylvania


Mage Solar and Paradise Energy Solutions have completed a 1.12 MW system for construction materials supplier Martin Limestone Inc.

The installation is located at Martin Limestone's New Holland, Pa., facility, which is home to a block and ready-mix manufacturing plant, as well as warehouses, stores and offices.

The company entered into a power purchase agreement with Sunstream Energy, a sister company of Paradise Energy, which is leasing five acres of land on New Holland Concrete's property for project installation. In return, Sunstream Energy sells the generated electricity to New Holland Concrete under a 25-year fixed rate.

The 4,480 Mage Powertec Plus modules were mounted on eight rows of ground mounts and are expected to generate 1.5 million kWh annually. Paradise Energy built the system and will continue to monitor it.

Financing for the system was made possible in part by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Section 1603 grant program, which covered 30% of the project costs, as well as favorable bonus depreciation rules for solar energy systems.

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