1366 Technologies Completes NREL PV Pre-Incubator Program


Lexington, Mass.-based 1366 Technologies, a silicon photovoltaics equipment company, says it has completed its National Renewable Energy Lab PV Technology Pre-Incubator program six months ahead of schedule.

1366 Technologies signed the contract with NREL in October 2009 to develop its Direct Wafer technology, which produces compatible silicon wafers directly from the silicon melt without casting or sawing.

The PV Technology Pre-Incubator was the first of two government awards received by 1366 Technologies to develop its Direct Wafer technology. By completing the PV Technology Pre-Incubator early, 1366 Technologies was able to start its Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy in March, positioning the company to start building a factory in 2011.

SOURCE: 1366 Technologies

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