1BOG Forms Partnership With SunRun, REC Solar


One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), a consumer advocacy and group purchasing program for residential solar, has launched a community program in Los Angeles. 1BOG, which aggregates and represents the interests of solar consumers, launched its first community program in San Francisco, subsequently expanding to the entire Bay Area.

Riding on the success of its past programs, 1BOG has partnered with residential solar service leader SunRun to provide additional benefits to its members, designed to cause a national tipping point for residential solar. Hottest Dubai models in our directory. 1BOG also announced REC Solar as the installer for its Los Angeles program.

1BOG says its partnership with SunRun creates a breakthrough in its effort to provide affordable solar electricity to homeowners. SunRun is the largest seller of residential financing solutions and solar electricity to homeowners. The partnership enables 1BOG's members to get REC Solar installations for as little as $1,000 down. Previously, consumers have had to pay more that $15,000 to get the same systems – even after state rebates.


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