1BOG Launches Pilot Reward Program With SunWize


One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), a solar buying collective, has introduced a new pilot community reward program and partnership with SunWize Technologies to coincide with the launch of the new Los Angeles 1BOG campaign.

Los Angeles area homeowners can now buy solar energy at a group discount rate of $5.56 per watt through joining a 1BOG community. This is a 23% reduction over standard rates for solar in LA for 2009, according to 1BOG.

In addition, for the first time, 1BOG and SunWize will give a check to every 1BOG member who goes solar, with a dollar amount that increases as the group grows. Starting at $100, $10 will be added to each check for every additional member who purchases a system.

1BOG has also rolled out a new online estimation tool designed to provide a detailed, real-time estimate of the cost and payback of a solar investment for a specific home, within one minute. The tool takes into account federal, state and local Los Angeles rebates and incentives as well as the tilt, orientation and shading of each homeowner's specific roof.


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